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Richard Hoffman started the company in 1958. He has worked very hard to make the Richard Hoffman Trucking a great company. He has devoted many many years to the business and using his knowledge has done what some would say is beyond remarkable. When he began Hoffman Trucking the company was called H & R Excavating. And later changed to Richard Hoffman Trucking. Now, in 2009, the company has Incorporated and is now Hoffman Trucking Inc. Richard has built a wonderful and strong foundation for Catherine and the third, fourth, maybe more generations to stand on and he has ALOT to be proud of.

We have reconstructed our site to reflect our tentative plan for truck and driver changes in the 2009 season. Of course, construction is our business and things do change. The 2008 season saw the retirement of trucks 8 and 11. But we did add truck 4 and 8 this last year. They are new Sterlings and are fitting in quite well to the fleet of Fords. For the season of 2009 we are running 10 trucks. Please stop by often as we will continue to make changes to our site to keep it up to date.

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